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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Order programming

Client Server applications, COM, DCOM, ActiveX, Internet/Intranet solutions

Program developed by our team based upon the latest technology for all current Windows versions.

The latest projects are written mainly in C++, Visual Basic, ACCESS and ASP, with full support for COM and DCOM and ActiveX platforms. Our software is already designed for future Distributed Network Architecture, so that the programs can be called up as stand-alone or simultaneously on the Internet and Intranet. 

Based upon new Information Technologies we also build up the infrastructure in your company. For example we can transfer various data, perhaps the position of your vehicles to satellites via GPS and from there to your Web server, so that the data can be accessed over the Internet or internally in the Intranet. 

KED has been creating programs for commercial applications and technical calculations since 1975.

KED sells and maintains over 20 self-developed programs and has designed many applications to order: From small programs and program upgrades to program systems involving 25 and 32 man years development time (PPS and plant planning). Due to this comprehensive experience KED can convert your specific requirements into a program quickly and at a reasonable price. 

In addition to KED specialists with over 20 years programming experience, KED also has additional experienced programmers. Therefore we can very rapidly put together flexible teams that have experience in your precise field. And the best people are the best value for money, because once the programming is complete, fault-finding is minimised and KED's 1 year free maintenance means that costs are low. 

KED has a great deal of experience with Access, SQL-Server, Informix and Oracle, with client-server applications, Internet/Intranet, graphics programs and all current programming languages, in particular C++, VB, VBScript and ASP. 

Normally KED provides quotations free of charge and carries out orders at fixed prices - including 1 year after-care (maintenance). For clearly defined orders our prices are extremely low! KED also provides specialist personnel to support you in your offices. 

Call us, we are here to advise and assist you!