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Sunday, March 29, 2020

This program is used for the calculation and representation of the layouts of face sheets and other angular sheet bodies such as windows, containers, cabinets, etc.

(Kopie 1)

The program has 55 macros for different standard variants. The user can also develop his own or change existing macros. Macro designs are easily entered using the program by sketching and measuring.

(Kopie 2)

Results are represented as a three-dimensional design of the folding body.
Results are represented in various formats, e.g. DXF for CAD systems orspecifically for HP ME-10 and output on a plotter or printer.
Finished layouts can be further processed and changed at any time:

  • Divide up as puzzle
  • Rearrange parts
  • Remove contours
  • Remove parts
  • Draw with edge clearances
  • Draw with ridges