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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Comparisons of own calculations with measurements

TH/HD feed experiment

for the Gundremmingen nuclear power station; linked fluid and structural dynamics for piping, valve stroke movements, pressures, deformations and stresses

Rapid closing of a valve

Investigation of the influence of the fluid-structure interaction: Linked fluid and structural dynamics of the pipe (experiment in Delft: Delft Hydraulics)

Blow-off experiments

Pressures and mass flows of water, water vapour, water vapour mixture for the Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power station with Sempell safety valves and spring loaded safety valves

Simulated feed-water pipe break

for nuclear power stations (HDR experiments) pressures and mass flows

Pump failure

Low-pressure after-cooling system (Wuergassen nuclear power station)

Turbine emergency shut-down

Wuergassen nuclear power station deformations of the main steam pipes

Exhaust silencer

Pressures in silencer system and emitted noise

Charged particles against reinforced concrete (containment)