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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Technical calculations

Fluid dynamics and structural dynamics for pipes

of conventional and nuclear power stations, pipelines and chemical plants with foreign and own medium controlled isolation, safety and return valves.

The following external loadings that can act on the piping system can be calculated:

  • Own weight, equivalent static earthquake loading
  • Impeded heat expansion
  • End point displacement, e.g. component movement
  • Applied loads such as: Individual, line, wind loads
  • System deformations due to internal pressure
  • Response spectrum loading in 3 orthogonal directions with any desired fields of influence
  • Excitation over time with non-harmonic function, e.g. water hammer calculation
  • Excitation over time with direct coupling to the KEDRU fluid dynamic program
  • Excitation over time according to static radial excursion
  • Fatigue analyses
  • Blow-off processes in steam and water systems
  • Turbine emergency shut-downs
  • Feed-water pipe breaks
  • Pump failure
  • Valve and flap opening and closing
  • Static and earthquake calculations, fatigue analyses
  • Emergency shut-downs in nuclear power stations: Control rods medium controlled
  • Jet forces due to broken pipes
  • Forces on walls and deflection protection devices
  • Breakage of primary pipes in a pressurised water reactor
  • Specification for the dimensioning of ventilation valves
  • Dimensioning of pipeline cross-sections

Finite element strength calculations

  • Fixed points, containment leadthroughs, supports, valve housings, T-pieces of pipes in power stations
  • Earthquake calculations Reactor pressure vessel with baffles, sintering furnace, containment, water hunting in 'pools'
  • Valve housing, sliding roof on a car: crank guidance,
  • Gun: Optimisation of bearing and lock,
  • Airbag: Air generator (compressed air tank), motor coach engine suspension, 6-cylinder engine block: Temperature loading, annealing furnace for fuel rod cladding tubes: Heating process in vacuum, ball cage of a ball bearing plus many more
  • Aeroplane crash on a containment and charged particles against reinforced concrete material model for reinforced concrete Reactor vessel bursting protection

Finite differences

  • Hydrogen explosion in condenser at the Gundremmingen nuclear power station
  • Explosions: Underwater explosion: Fluid-structure linked; propane explosion outside
  • Acoustic, exhaust silencer: For diesel engines including emissions from the combustion chamber via the outlet valve and noise dissipation

Strength calculation using calculation standards

  • ASME, ANSI (American Standards)
  • TRD, AD, KTA (German Standards),
  • RCC-MR (French Standard)
  • British Standard