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Sunday, March 29, 2020

History of KED

KED was established in 1975. Its main activities were calculations for nuclear power stations, the automotive and chemical industries, together with the development of computer programs.

People always called KED when they had particularly serious problems: Breakage of feed-water pipes when non-return valves were closed, the effects of charged particles against the containment: Valve spindles from within, aeroplane engines from outside; explosions of gas clouds or of H2 - 02 in condensers; simulation of the entire pressure relief system of Muelheim-Kaerlich. Special computer programs were developed for all tasks.

KED was always very willing to work together with other companies. Long before German reunification partners came from Hungary, China, Poland, Yugoslavia, as well as USA, South Africa and England. Since 1991 there has been a close cooperation with Russia in software development, particularly for steam boiler construction and sheet programs.

KED is the market leader in Germany with the programs STEAM BOILER, HEAT EXCHANGER and SHEET CAD and has the absolute best specialists in the field of fluid and structural dynamics and FE calculations.

Our reference list covers hundreds of customers for services and products. We develop solutions for demanding technical problems and supply solutions using existing or supplementary software products. We have been able to help many customers with complete solutions.

We have been praised for always offering commercial solutions at reasonable conditions.

Whenever you need a solution to a problem, discuss it with us and we shall be pleased to assist you.